Our Capabilities & Facility

Design Capabilities:
  • RF Design, Mechanical Design, and Thermal Design
Manufacturing Capabilities:
  • CNC Machining, Electroforming,  Assembly and Paint
Quality Assurance:
  • AS9100 Certified, 4/23/2007
  • CMM Inspection 
  • XRF Testing  

Testing Capabilities:
  • RF Network Analysis
  • Agilent PNAs, testing up to 67 GHz
  • Far-Field Radiation Pattern Testing:
  • Far Field Anechoic Chamber 14’X14’X30’, 3-40 GHz

Thermal Cycling and RF Testing over Temperature
  1. Multiple thermal chambers +250 to -170ºC in nitrogen atmosphere 
  2. RF testing up to 67 GHz
Vibration Testing:
  • Our electro-dynamic vibration systems include a 36”x36” slip table testing capable of 20,000 lbf. 
Thermal and Ambient PIM Testing:
  • Low level PIM testing is available; C, X, Ku & Ka-Band from +130 to -160ºC 
  • with -160 dBm noise floor
16’X16’X12’  Anechoic chamber:
  • 6’X3’X3’ Thermal chamber
  • Temperature: -130 to +130°C
  • -160 dBm noise floor (Typ.)
  • Qualified for C-, X-, Ku-, & Ka- Band Thermal PIM Tests
  • Up to 175W Per Carrier
  • Setup with -160 dBm noise floor for 3rd Order PIM


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