We have the capabilities for full space qualification in our advanced testing facilities. Our capabilities and services include -

  • Thermal PIM Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Near and Far-Field Radiation Pattern Testing
  • Thermal Cycle Testing
  • Thermal Vacuum Testing
  • RF Bench Testing with Network Analyzers
  • Clean Room

PIM Testing

PIM (Passive Intermodulation) is a form of intermodulation distortion in passive components which degrades the quality of communication transmission.

Our PIM testing setup consists of:

  • 16’x16’x12’ anechoic chamber
  • Configurable thermal box – Small - 4’x5.5’x3’, Medium - 5’x5.5’x3’ or Large - 5’x6.5’x2’
  • Temperature ranges from -120° to +120°C
  • -150 dBm noise floor attainable

We have performed over 150 PIM tests in-house, including:

  • C-Band: 9th Order
  • X-Band: 5th Order
  • Ku-Band: 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th Order
  • Ka-Band: 3rd, 7th & 9th Order
  • L-Band: 2nd & 3rd Order

Vibration Testing

Vibration testing is critical for ensuring that space components can withstand the shaking forces exerted on them when travelling into space. We are equipped to provide full space qualification vibration testing using our Unholtz-Dickie T-2000 series Shaker System and we have completed over 350 tests on feeds and components in our facility.

Our shaker system consists of:

  • Up to 20,000 lbf
  • Vertical and horizontal axis
  • 40 Channel M+P Digital Control and Data Acquisition System

Pattern Testing

Our pattern testing systems consist of:


  • 14’x20’x24’ Anechoic Chamber
  • 1-100 GHz
  • NSI 8’x8’ Planar Nearfield System with NSI2000
  • Keysight PNA-based RF system


  • 14'14'x30' Anechoic Chamber
  • 3-40 GHz
  • Orbit/FR 959 Positioning and Data Acquisitioning System
  • Keysight PNA-based RF System

We have completed hundreds of pattern tests in-house, including –

  • 30+ C-Band LP & CP Feeds
  • 1 X-Band CP Feed
  • 100+ Ku-Band LP, CP & CP Tracking Feeds
  • 150+ K/KA-Band LP, CP, & CP Tracking Feeds

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