Adjustable Loads

These Adjustable Loads consist of a flanged section of straight waveguide containing a geometrically optimized absorbing element driven by a precision micrometer. There is more than one half wavelength of travel at the lowest frequency of each waveguide size. The micrometers used on these loads utilize a special dampening feature making the locking type of micrometer unnecessary. Our Adjustable Loads are available in sizes WR3 to WR42.

This product is now available with a metric micrometer drive assembly

Ordering Example:

AL28S is an adjustable load in WR28 with Square flange. AL22R is an adjustable load in WR22 with Round flange.

Quantity Part Name WR Frequency (GHz) Max VSWR A DIM(in) B DIM(in) Length(in) Travel Length(in) Flange
AL42S4218 - 26.51.02:10.420.174.850.6S 0.875
AL28S2826.5 - 401.02: 0.750
AL22R2233 - 501.02:10.2240.1123.4250.5R 1.125
AL19R1940 - 601.02:10.1880.0943.2250.5R 1.125
AL15R1550 - 751.03:10.1480.0742.4250.3R 0.750
AL12R1260 - 901.03:10.1220.0612.3250.3R 0.750
AL10R1075 - 1101.03: 0.750
AL8R890 - 1401.03: 0.750
AL6R6110 - 1751.04:10.0650.03252.0250.3R 0.750
AL5R5140 - 2201.04:10.0510.02552.0250.3R 0.750
AL4R4170 - 2601.04:10.0430.02152.0250.3R 0.750
AL3R3220 - 3251.04:10.0340.0172.0250.3R 0.750