Reflector Antennas

CMi has successfully delivered several compact, high efficiency, multi-band dual reflector antennas from Ka- to W-band. We have the capability to supply single or dual offset high-performance reflector antennas with shaped or unshaped surfaces.  

When combined with our high-performance single or multi-band feeds, we offer cost effective advanced reflector antenna systems to satisfy your most stringent coverage requirements.

Advanced composite materials combined with spaceflight-proven mechanical design approaches are used to provide high structural integrity and thermal stability while maintaining low mass.



Feed Arrays

We leverage our expertise in feed design to produce cost-effective, high-performance feed arrays with significantly reduced form factor and mass.



Single and Multi-band Feed Assemblies

Our experienced in-house engineering team has successfully delivered thousands of high-performance, compact, single and multi-band feed assemblies for some of the most demanding space and ground applications.  Some examples are feed assemblies covering L1/L2/L5, L/S/C/X/Ku/Ka, S/C/Ku, L/C/Ku, S/C/X, L/C/X, C/Ku, C/Ka, X/X/Ka, X/Ka, Ku/K/Ka, K/Ka, K/Ka/Q, K/Q, Ka/Q, K/V, Ka/V and V/W bands.

We work with your payload or ground system design team to realize cost-effective feed assemblies that meet the most demanding performance requirements in a compact layout.



Integrated Feed Networks

Our state of the art design process provides a very high level of integration to reduce part counts, optimize RF performance, decrease costs, and minimize mass — simplifying your system designs.

Through this proven process, we have delivered thousands of feed networks that require no tuning screws or fasteners for hundreds of satellites.


Tracking Feeds

Tracking capability can be added to a communication feed with little to no impact on existing performances. CMi accomplishes this by adding a very compact tracking mode extraction network between the horn and the feed communication network. CMi has successfully introduced such tracking capabilities at K, Ka, and V-band to existing communication feeds.

Alternatively, we have delivered four horn monopulse networks which can be used to provide tracking.

Space-Qualified Flexible Waveguides

CMi uses specialized plating alloys to produce seamless waveguides that are ideal for deployable or gimballed antennas.

These seamless flexible waveguides are ideal for applications with very stringent PIM and high-power requirements.  They are also more cost-effective, more compact, more reliable, and have lower loss than rotary joints.




Gigahertz & Terahertz Solutions

We have an extensive heritage supplying submillimeter wavelength components for both ground and space-based radioastronomy applications.

With experience delivering components up to 1.2 THz, we are confident machining small dimensions while meeting exacting tolerances.



Patch Antennas

CMi has experience supplying high performance, compact, lightweight patch antennas for ground or space applications.