RF Testing

CMi has a full suite of RF testing capabilities that are available on a contract basis. Reach out to schedule a testing engagement.

Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

CMi has performed over 200 thermal PIM tests in its 14’ x 14’ x 14’ PIM chamber on antenna feeds and reflector antennas.  An RF transparent thermal chamber can cycle parts from -130 to +140 °C during PIM tests.  This facility is equipped to perform tests over L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka bands with up to 200W per carrier.

Our experienced staff typically achieves a noise floor of -160 dBm for 3rd order PIM using 200W carriers.

Near Field Range

CMi’s NSI~MI 8' x 8' Planar Near Field Range is able to maintain a planarity of 0.001” across the full scan range, for highly accurate pattern measurements from 1-110 GHz. Higher frequencies can be accommodated at request.

Our range has repeatedly exhibited precise gain, radiation pattern, and low axial ratio measurements.

Far Field Range
CMi has tested hundreds of spaceflight antenna feeds in our    30’ x 14’ x 14’ symmetric far field range. We have considerable experience measuring low cross polarization, low axial ratio, and other challenging linear and circular polarized pattern parameters. Our range is configurable from 1-40 GHz, split into typical waveguide banded source horns and standard gain horns.
RF Bench
CMi performs precision assembly and RF Bench testing of passive microwave components. We have high performance network analyzers and precision calibration kits covering 1 - 110 GHz, with experience testing up to 220 GHz. We routinely measure typical low insertion losses and high isolations, and also more challenging balanced amplitude and phase parameters of OMTs, Polarizers, Hybrids, and BFNs.

Environmental Testing

We have the capability to test how your systems will hold up under the harsh conditions imposed by space flight.

Vibration Lab

We are equipped to provide full space qualification vibration testing using our Unholtz-Dickie T-2000 series shaker system.

We have completed over 350 tests on feeds and components in our facility.

Utilizing a 40 Channel M+P International Digital Control and Data Acquisition System, our system supports vertical and horizontal axis support and up to 20,000 lbf.

Thermal Cycle

CMi has several nitrogen atmosphere thermal chambers which are used for thermal cycling of components across the typical broad temperature range required by the satellite industry: -160 to +250 °C.

In addition to thermal cycling, we routinely perform RF testing at temperature extremes at all of the same frequencies that we perform RF bench tests: 1 -110 GHz.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber
CMi maintains a LACO TVAC for low pressure testing of components over the same requisite temperature ranges as our thermal cyclers: -160 to +250 °C
A high vacuum is maintained by a high volume turbomolecular pump, which is backed by an oil-free roughing pump to minimize the risk of contamination.
A large sliding platen allows for easy mounting of test articles, while several ports allows for high power waveguide feedthroughs and optical and infrared inspection ports.
In-house, we have high power amplifiers covering S/C-, X/Ku-, K-, and Ka-Bands, but other bands can be supported with additional lead time.