Additive Manufacturing Services

CMi provides metal additive manufacturing services using our SLM280 and SLM500 metal 3D printers. We leverage our 20+ years of aerospace design experience to provide additively manufactured solutions that are lighter, faster to produce, and require fewer parts. Our heritage, combined with our growing knowledge of additive manufacturing, enables us to recommend the jobs that will get the greatest benefit from 3D printing. 




Design. Manufacture. Test.

Whether you have a complete design that is fully optimized for metal 3D printing or RF specifications and a build volume, CMi can help. Our internally qualified process is ready for your build-to-print jobs, or we would love to partner with you to meet your vendor qualification specifications. We will work with you to ensure that your design is optimized for our metal 3D printers.

If you have RF specifications and a deadline, CMi has the extensive heritage required to meet your needs. We can tell you whether your application is better suited to additive manufacturing or our more traditional subtractive methods, then design (RF, mechanical, and DfAM), print, post-process, and test a solution that will meet your specifications. 



Printers and Powders

We currently have an SLM280 and an SLM500. The build volumes are 11”x11”x14” and 19”x11”x14”, respectively.  

We are focused on AlSi10Mg and A6061-RAM2 powders.


Post Processing Capabilities

CMi has the in-house machining capabilities required for support and base removal. We also have heat treatment capability which can support either our optimized protocols or yours. Additionally, we can electroplate gold, silver, nickel, and copper on site. We are working on various techniques to improve surface roughness in post-processing.


Our team of mechanical and manufacturing engineers use our printing experience and 
Materialise Magics software to ensure printable designs. 

Our RF engineers are constantly developing new printer-friendly designs while improving our
database of design principles.

Additive Manufacturing Experience

We have successfully 3D printed and tested many heritage parts including horns, filters, diplexers, OMTs, and entire feed array networks. Our engineering team has optimized many of these builds to reduce the number of components and the overall mass of heritage builds while maintaining acceptable RF performance.

As a result, we are confident that we can meet industry RF and mechanical requirements using our additive manufacturing processes. 

3D Printing Process Qualification

We are in the process of qualifying our printing machines and processes with multiple aerospace customers. We are also developing an internal qualification plan using NASA-STD-6030 as a guideline.  

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