Multi-Band & Integrated Networks

Space flight heritage combining high performance RF components into a single, compact assembly.

Our state of art design process reduces part counts, optimizes RF performance, decreases costs, and minimizes mass -- simplifying your system designs.

Feed Assemblies

Our experienced in-house engineering team designs custom horn antennas to meet your demanding performance requirements.

By integrating horns with our advanced networks, CMi is able to achieve class-leading improvements to RF performance while minimizing payloads.


Feed Arrays

With our engineering experience, we can leverage our feeds to produce compact antenna arrays, significantly reducing cost, form factor, and weight.

We have perfected integrated passive beamforming networks to achieve high performance while reducing costs. 


Reflector Antennas

We have the capability to design reflector antennas with custom radiation patterns to satisfy your coverage requirements.

Carbon fiber or other advanced composite materials can be utilized to help reduce system weight. 


Gigahertz & Terahertz Solutions

We have an extensive heritage of supplying submillimeter wavelength components for both ground and space-based radioastronomy applications.

With experience delivering components up to 1.2 THz, we are confident machining small dimensions while meeting exacting tolerances.


Space-Qualified Flexible Waveguides

CMi uses specialized alloys to produce seamless waveguides that are ideal for deployable or gimballed antennas, minimizing PIM risk.