3D Printed Metal Waveguide Structures

We can print complex waveguide assemblies utilizing a state of the art SLM 280 3D metal printer with a build volume of 11x11x14 inches.

Metal 3D printing can significantly reduce the weight and number of parts required.


Electroplated 3D Printed Plastics

Drawing on over 50 years of electroplating experience, we are able to plate on many of the popular 3D printed plastics.

This combination of technologies enables quick, cost-effective prototyping of complex components.


L-Band Feed Antenna Case Study

CMi successfully designed, built, and tested an ultra-compact, fully integrated, patented Triband GPS L1, L2, and L5 band feed in less than 6 months.  

The design includes a radiating aperture, polarizer, and triplexer. Special considerations were given to include high power handling capability and very low PIM design features.

The result is a very compact low mass radiating element that can meet high power handling and stringent PIM requirements and has low axial ratio, broad bandwidth (31% minimum), high aperture efficiency (greater than 90%), low insertion loss, and excellent return loss.