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Rectangular Horns

Rectangular Horns are one of our most popular antennas. Each horn is precisely electroformed over a mandrel and gold plated. These horns have maximal return loss and gain ranging from 22 to 24 dB. Horns with different gain values can be special ordered. Rectangular Horns are available in sizes WR3 to WR42.

Technical Specs
WR Frequency (GHz) Max VSWR WG A DIM (in) WG A DIM (in) Height - H (in) Length - L (in) Width - W (in) Flange
12 60 - 90 1.1:1 0.122 0.0610 0.902 2.35 1.182 R 0.750

Ordering Example: HO28S is a rectangular horn in WR28 with a Square flange.