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Waveguide Bends

E-Plane and H-plane Bends facilitate construction of waveguide assemblies by providing a means of accurate directional changes in the waveguide line. All units are precisely bent to the desired angle while maintaining a constant cross section to minimize energy reflection. Bends are available in WR3 to WR42 sizes and angled 90°. In addition to the models listed, Bends with different radii, angles, lengths, & flanges can be supplied on special order. WR3 and WR4 bends are made from coinsilver, WR5 and up are made from copper. Electroformed bends below WR3 are also available upon request.

Technical Specs
WR Frequency (GHz) Max VSWR A DIM (in) B DIM (in) Length (in) Radius (in) Flange
19 40 - 60 1.02:1 0.188 0.094 1.3 0.8 R 1.125

Ordering Example: EB28S-90 is an E-Plane Bend in WR-28 waveguide with Square flanges bent at 90 degrees.