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Variable Attenuators

The variable attenuator is used to adjust power, reduce reflection interaction, and provide isolation for certain components where needed. These attenuators contain a section of waveguide with a narrow slot milled in the broad wall. Through this slot, a thin metalized Mylar vane is introduced into the waveguide by a precision micrometer. The driver mechanism is arranged to provide 0-30 dB of attenuation over 0.300-inch travel on the micrometer dial. Featuring no backlash, these units will produce accurate and reproducible settings. Variable Attenuators are available in sizes WR3 to WR42. Smaller sizes such as WR1.5, WR2.2, and WR2.8 are also available upon request. This product is now available with a metric micrometer drive assembly.

Technical Specs
WR Frequency (GHz) VSWR WG A DIM (in) WG A DIM (in) Length - A (in) Height - B (in) Flange
3 220 - 325 1.2:1 0.034 0.017 1.2 2.125 R 0.750

Ordering Example: VA10R is a Variable Attenuator in WR10 with a round flange hole pattern.