Waveguide Flange Adapters

Flange Adapters can be used to couple two waveguide components that have mismatching flanges. The Flange Adapters listed are available in sizes WR19 to WR42. Since the adapter is an extra component in the waveguide line, we have kept the length to a minimum. In addition to the models listed, Adapters with different lengths or flange sizes can be supplied on special order.

Ordering Example:

FA28RS is a flange adapter in WR28 going from a Square flange to a Round flange.

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Quantity Part Name WR Frequency (GHz) Insertion Loss(db) A DIM(in) B DIM(in) Length(in) Flange 1 Flange 2
FA42RS4218 - 0.875R 1.125
FA28RS2826.5 - 400.030.28000.14001.5S 0.750R 1.125
FA22RS2233 - 500.040.22400.11201.5S 0.750R 1.125
FA19RS1940 - 600.050.18800.09401.3S 0.750R 1.125
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