Low Power Terminations

Low Power Terminations consist of a short section of waveguide containing a precisely tapered element designed to absorb microwave energy with very low VSWR. Our Terminations are available in sizes WR3 to WR42. In addition to the models listed, Terminations with different lengths can be supplied on special order.

Ordering Example:

LT28S is a low power termination in WR28 with a Square Flange.

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Quantity Part Name WR Frequency (GHz) Average Power(Watts) Max VSWR A DIM(in) B DIM(in) Length(in) Flange
LT42S4218 - 26.561.02:10.420.172.73S 0.875
LT28S2826.5 - 4051.02: 0.750
LT22R2233 - 5041.02:10.2240.1121.83R 1.125
LT19R1940 - 6021.02:10.1880.0941.83R 1.125
LT15R1550 - 7511.03:10.1480.0741.43R 0.750
LT12R1260 - 900.61.15:10.1220.0611.43R 0.750
LT10R1075 - 1100.41.15: 0.750
LT8R890 - 1400.21.15: 0.750
LT6R6110 - 1750.11.15:10.0650.03250.855R 0.750
LT5R5140 - 2200.11.15:10.0510.02550.855R 0.750
LT4R4170 - 2600.11.15:10.0430.02150.855R 0.750
LT3R3220 - 3250.11.15:10.0340.0170.855R 0.750
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