Tunable Shorts

Precision Tunable shorts are used to provide a variable short circuit reference plane in waveguide setups. Each of these tunable shorts consists of a flanged section of straight waveguide with a micrometer driven short attached to one end. The micrometer drive provides precise movement of the shorting plunger of more than one half wavelength at the lowest operating frequency of each waveguide size. The micrometers used on these shorts utilize a special dampening feature making the locking type of micrometer unnecessary.

This product is also available with a metric micrometer drive assembly.

Ordering Example:

TS22R is a tunable short in WR22 with a round flange.

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Quantity Part Name WR Frequency (GHz) WG A DIM(in) WG B DIM(in) Length-A(in) Travel Length-B(in) Flange
TS42S4218 - 26.50.420.173.550.6S 0.875
TS28S2826.5 - 400.280.142.5250.4S 0.750
TS22R2233 - 500.2240.1122.2250.4R 1.125
TS19R1940 - 600.1880.0942.2250.4R 1.125
TS15R1550 - 750.1480.0742.0250.3R 0.750
TS12R1260 - 900.1220.0611.7750.2R 0.750
TS10R1075 - 1100.10.051.7750.2R 0.750
TS8R890 - 1400.080.041.7750.2R 0.750
TS6R6110 - 1750.0650.03251.7750.2R 0.750
TS5R5140 - 2200.0510.02551.7750.2R 0.750
TS4R4170 - 2600.0430.02151.7750.2R 0.750
TS3R3220 - 3250.0340.0171.7750.2R 0.750
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