Variable Attenuators

The variable attenuator is used to adjust power, reduce reflection interaction, and provide isolation for certain components where needed. These attenuators contain a section of waveguide with a narrow slot milled in the broad wall. Through this slot, a thin metalized Mylar vane is introduced into the waveguide by a precision micrometer. The driver mechanism is arranged to provide 0-30 dB of attenuation over 0.300-inch travel on the micrometer dial. Featuring no backlash, these units will produce accurate and reproducible settings.

This product is also available with a metric micrometer drive assembly.

Ordering Example:

VA10R is a Variable Attenuator in WR10 with a round flange hole pattern.

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Quantity Part Name WR Frequency (GHz) VSWR WG A DIM(in) WG B DIM(in) Length-A(in) Height-B(in) Flange
VA42S4218 - 26.51.15:10.420.17**S 0.875
VA28S2826.5 - 401.15:10.280.14**S 0.750
VA22R2233 - 501.15:10.2240.1121.52.185R 1.125
VA19R1940 - 601.15:10.1880.0941.52.185R 1.125
VA15R1550 - 751.15:10.1480.0741.52.125R 0.750
VA12R1260 - 901.2:10.1220.0611.22.125R 0.750
VA10R1075 - 1101.2: 0.750
VA8R890 - 1401.2: 0.750
VA6R6110 - 1751.2:10.0650.03251.22.125R 0.750
VA5R5140 - 2201.2:10.0510.02551.22.125R 0.750
VA4R4170 - 2601.2:10.0430.02151.22.125R 0.750
VA3R3220 - 3251.2:10.0340.0171.22.125R 0.750
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