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Level Set Attenuators

The Level Set Attenuator is used to adjust power, reduce reflection interaction, and provide isolation where needed. Adjustment is accomplished by loosening the clamping screws and raising or lowering the Mylar vane by hand until the desired attenuation value is achieved and then re-tightening the screws. These attenuators provide reliable performance when continuously variable settings are not required. Level Set Attenuators are available in sizes WR3 to WR42. Sizes WR2.8 and WR2.2 are also available upon request.

Technical Specs
WR Frequency (GHz) VSWR WG A DIM (in) WG B DIM (in) Length - A (in) Flange
15 50 - 75 1.15:1 0.148 0.074 1.6 R 0.750

Ordering Example: LA22R is a Level Set Attenuator in WR22 with Round flange hole patterns.