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Straight Waveguide Sections

Straight sections are an essential piece of our catalog and are available in WR3 to WR42 sizes. Special care is exercised to ensure accuracy with respect to the center line of the waveguide when attaching the flanges. WR10-42 Straight Sections can be ordered in 1 or 2-inch length. Electroformed units offer better RF performance. Sizes WR3 and WR4 are coin silver, sizes WR5 and up are copper. Electroformed sizes below WR3 are also available upon request.

Technical Specs
WR Frequency (GHz) Insertion Loss (dB) A DIM (in) B DIM (in) Length (in) Flange Comment
10 75 - 110 0.18 0.1 0.05 2 R 0.750 Copper

Ordering Example: ST42S-2.0 is a straight section in WR42 with square flanges and 2" length. ST8RE-1.0 is a straight section in WR8 electroformed with round flanges and 1" length.